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look what we can do for you!

Suffering  from  Low  Back Pain, Disc  Problems,  Neck Pain,  Headaches,  Rotator Cuff  Problems,  Frozen Shoulder,  Joint  Pain  or Replacement,  Difficulty Walking,  Bone  Spurs, Arthritis,  Sprains,  Poor Balance,  Weakness, Strains Muscle  Spasms,  Stiffness, or  Plantarfasciitis? 

We  can  help  solve  all these  problems  and  more with  Manual Therapy  and Myofascial  Release. We also use TENS with moist heat packs.

"...we strive to make our approach to patient care unique..."

We make  patient care  the  priority and allow as  much  time as needed  based on individual  diagnosis.   All  patients  are seen  by a  licensed  PT,  we  do not  use a PTA, or  techs  because  you deserve the best  treatment  possible. Our  dedicated therapists are  very personable and enjoy spending  individual  time  with  each patient.  We have a good  time  together.

Ask  your  doctor  or call  us for  more  information  about  what we can do for you.

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